Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This "work of art" has been a long time coming.  A REALLY long time.  I am, as the title says, a daughter, wife, mother and friend.  But the greatest purpose in my life is to be a Daughter of the Almighty King, aka "Princess."  I am amazed at those "reality" shows that attempt to portray what "real" women do.  Lemme tell ya dear ones - I have NEVER seen one of THOSE precious princesses pick up poopies from a not-yet-house-trained foster puppy and quickly scrub the carpeting while dinner is cooking on the stove with yet ANOTHER load  of towels in the dryer.  All this while battling a chronic illness and being the wife of My Own Personal Police Officer ("MOPOPO"), aka Googly Bear.  We recently moved within four miles of my precious parents ("The Rents") and the nest may never be empty but we don't care.  Life is tough, God is faithful.  We ladies are HIS princesses and we are called to a royal, abundant life.  In spite of the many "hats" we wear, we are adorned with a crown by the King.  Join me on the journey that will someday take us Home to the Kingdom and allow me to encourage and be encouraged by you in the day-to-day of being daughter, mother, wife, friend and Princess.  Yours, On the Journey, For His Glory, For Our Good - A Squared

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