Friday, April 27, 2012

New Moan Ee Yah!

Yuck.  I hate respiratory issues.  My disdain for all things respiratory puzzles most when I tell them that I have worked in a Level 1 trauma center.  yep.  I did.  Loved it.  Fast paced, on your feet, running. The respiratory stuff, however, was never my favorite thing to contend with.  Cannot tell you why - just isn't.  Heaven knows, as a Mommy, I have wiped my share of booger noses.  Even before that, in the babysitting trenches, LOTS of drippy noses.  Yuck.  As if the issues with my poor broken body weren't enough, I now have pneumonia (pr. new moan ee yah - sort of like NYUKE LEE IR not NOOK YOU LAR - just threw that in)!
We have been surrounded by dirt since we moved to The Mission and when you're already in overwhelm, the lawn is the LAST thing on the priority list.  Till the dirt makes you ill and ya gotta get grass.  So the Bear Hub, the oldest Man Cub and my Big Bro moved some composed cow poopie and added it to the back yard.  The rather big back yard and lo, and behold, THAT dirt has nasty ickies in it.  The bacterial, cause-pneumonia-kind.  Now, I have NEW MOAN EE YAH! Coughing, blowing, coughing, wheezing, chest-crushing, blah blah blah.  HOWEVER - I have great docs and I KNOW I'm gonna get better.  I keep sayin' I'm far too busy to be sick.  I am, really.  What I am reminded of, however, is that God is still God.  Our needs are met and I have an amazing husband, parents and friends.  Soup, tea, "frozen sock therapy," antibiotics, cough medicine and popsicles.  All designed to help me get well.  I am thankful, as well, that God has surrounded me with a peace, in spite of this illness, that He is working things for my good and all I have to truly do is rely on Him.  and I am.  Respiratory things don't gross HIM out.  Boy, that makes me feel better.
Love you (cough cough) with HIS love, For HIS glory! A2

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